Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Walt Disney Biography      

Walt Disney took a strong interest into art at a young age and took art lessons to further develop his skills. He was very successful with this as when he was young he had a job being the cartoonist of the school magazine. Once the first world war started he dropped out of school to join the military but was rejected, and later got a job as an ambulance driver for the red cross. He did this for a year and then moved back to his home town Kansas City. Walt disney have various jobs before he got one in his field of interest- the film industry. 

In his first job in the film industry he got to work with the new technique of animation and this allowed for him to practice and develop skills that would later enable him to start his own animation business. Sadly his first firm went bankrupt which lead for him to move to Hollywood and have another crack at it. In California his business was a success and still remains successful to this day. Walt disney hold a record for receiving 59 nominations for the academy award although he only won 22.  
Photoshop Animation 
Kayla Siegfried 

TECHNICAL: Wile making this animation I got to refresh my skills on adobe photoshop cc. It was really interesting learning how to make an object have the appearance of it moving as well as how to changes things like colour to my preferences. 

IDEA: To start this project I had no idea what to make my ball bounce off. So eventually I looked up “things” and found a checker board and used that as a reference and idea and then just spun off that. 

INFLUENCES: My influences for this project was just literally looking a picture of a checker board and working from there. I don’t look towards any artists for inspiration because I'm not really a big art student so I don’t really know many artists. 

COMPOSITION: I found making this animation very challenging so when it comes to compositing there may not be a lot of that. I struggled very hard using photoshop to make an animation even though i know how to use photoshop already. Although I struggled with this I found I kept really good aspects of animation like the squash and stretch technique given that my object is a checker. 

MOTIVATION: My motivation for this project was probably honestly to find something that a ball could bounce off and just get the project done and over with as i was already behind before I started. 

CRITICAL  ASSESSMENT: If I could go back and fix this project I would have fixed some of my tracing on the checker board because from frame1-2 you can see it shift. I also might have found something easier to do as my choice as i can see now is quite challenging. Over all I am fairly happy with the end result of this project. 

Monday, 11 May 2015

Canadian Memory Game
Kayla Siegfried 


TECHNICAL: Wile making this game I got to learn completely how to use adobe flash cc. It was really interesting learning how add my pictures to to program as well as how to changes things like colour to my preferences. 

IDEA: My original idea was going to be Canadian stereotypes but as I continued to work I decided to change it to fitting in with Canadians.  Although some of my images used were relating to stereotypes put on Canadians it is take more as something that we accept and live by. 

INFLUENCES: My influences for this project was just how we live as Canadians. I don’t look towards any artists for inspiration because I'm not really a big art student so I don’t really know many artists. 

COMPOSITION: I feel I balanced colour very well in this game sticking with morosely four colours for my backgrounds but not the actual cards. I feel that this game was made simple and there was a fair amount of movement of the eyes for players when they are playing the game. 

MOTIVATION: My personal motivation for this game was to express how we Canadians are thought to live and some of them being true. The idea came for this from talking to people who weren't from Canada during my travels and I thought this would be the best way to express this. 

CRITICAL  ASSESSMENT: If I could go back and fix this project i would have fixed some un caught spelling errors. I also might have found some better pictures that weren't as similar to some of the other ones used. Over all I am fairly happy with the end result of this project.  

Friday, 17 April 2015

Toy Hack Reflection 
    1. If i was to box this toy up and sell it i would advertise it as the perfect doll. This seems appropriate to me because the doll has odd parts from various other toys, this showing how not everything thing is perfect which i think advertising has the effect of making children get unrealistic expectations and a lot of this is from toy. Also I think having different random parts give the toy a little character.
    2. The thing I like most about this doll would probably be the barbie legs on it and the barbie hair! Although I had to put a new set of barbie legs on since both of the other ones fell off it still managed to work out. I like this because they are the cool little things that some people at first glance don’t notice and then it catches them off guard. What I like least about this doll is probably the new arms I had seen onto it, they look short and stubby. Also with the new arms I had to find a t shirt to put over top but the sleeves are almost too long. If I could redo this hack again I probably would have done it when I had more supply available for me the first time so I wouldn't have to re touch a bunch of pieces. I would also have thought more about what i wanted to do and find toys that would give me a little more inspiration! 

Art video Game

Some ideas I think I may be able to portray through a video game are;
- Canadian stereo  types (ex. Eh, Igloos, maple syrup). The object that could represent this problem is a polar bear. These stereo types don't directly affect the world but it is a biased opinion that the would has on us some times good and sometimes bad. It affects us Canadians because when you talk to people from another country and tell them you are Canadian they automatically expect you to be like these stereo types.
- Dolphins being killed for their skin. A image I would use for this would be a jumping dolphin smiling because in my game your dolphin is going to be escaping its killers. This is an environmental problem because the species will eventually all become extinct and for what the skin of a dolphin. Also this is a struggle because there have been extreme outburst over the fight against it
- Helping the cause for poverty. i would show some bread and water for this because the focus for this will be feeding the poor. This has a good effect of helping people and i think that in most cases this would be nice for anyone to play. There also wouldn't be much of a debate on weather its a good thing or not like there isn't much of a argument.    

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Evolution of Technology( art movie) 
Kayla Siegfried 

TECHNICAL: To make this project I got to learn how to use adobe premier pro, not only learning how to use this application but also steps that are needed to make a amazing, not that mines really amazing. Some other skills involved with this is learning how to use the transitions, effects and lengthen and shorten a video.

IDEA AND CONCEPT: My original idea for this project was to show the changing nature of technology and how people really are frightened by it. My idea never really changed during the work of this project but i did have o make compromises as i couldn't find exact stock footage like what i had pictured in my head as well as a song. 

INFLUENCE: There was no actual influence from a particular artist but the influence for this project was actually some of my other classes and the debate topic of changing technology. It was easy for me to make the move because I grew up with the developments and even i can say that I technology and what it is coming to even scares me. 

COMPOSITION: For this movie I tried to keep things symmetrical by keeping the videos of the same piece of technology the same length in showing time. There are a lot of motions that the videos make them selfs so I think that is one feature that is included that really makes your eyes move with the video and makes you think. 

MOTIVATION: My motivation for this work as mentioned above was debates i have had in other classes about technology, that combined with seeing some videos on the website i used to get my stock footage from. I like technology as much as the next person but it also scares me, especially when we think of how dependent we now are on technology, we even use is as a substitute for teaching utensils. (paper & pencil)     

CRITICAL ASSESSMENT: I would have to say that in my opinion the most interesting part of my video was the idea. I also like how I added the black and white effect along with the transitions to make it run more smoother. It surprised me how long it would take the program to fully apply the changes being made to the video. If i had more time I would probably think of a better idea and way to make it less obvious to viewer’s when the actually topic was, all around i would probably start over and make it better.