Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Walt Disney Biography      

Walt Disney took a strong interest into art at a young age and took art lessons to further develop his skills. He was very successful with this as when he was young he had a job being the cartoonist of the school magazine. Once the first world war started he dropped out of school to join the military but was rejected, and later got a job as an ambulance driver for the red cross. He did this for a year and then moved back to his home town Kansas City. Walt disney have various jobs before he got one in his field of interest- the film industry. 

In his first job in the film industry he got to work with the new technique of animation and this allowed for him to practice and develop skills that would later enable him to start his own animation business. Sadly his first firm went bankrupt which lead for him to move to Hollywood and have another crack at it. In California his business was a success and still remains successful to this day. Walt disney hold a record for receiving 59 nominations for the academy award although he only won 22.  

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